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Firearms Training Range Remote Control.
The firing range of the firearms training department of a large county constabulary had in daily use a target turning and control system that was no longer supported by the manufacturer. An essential part of the equipment is a remote control handset that the training officer uses covertly to turn the targets from ‘edge on’ to ‘face on’. The original handset was not robustly constructed and had become very unreliable. (when we received it it was held together with Sellotape!)

Whilst it would have been ideal to completely replace the remote control transmitter and receiver with a new pair that was not an option due to restricted access to the existing receiver installation and need to minimise downtime. It was decided to make a new handset as a replica of the original, although that too had its complications because of the total lack of data and documentation related to the equipment.   

With no original data available and many obsolete components the original remote was ‘reverse engineered’, redesigned and two new handsets were manufactured and delivered within two weeks of the first phone call.

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